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June 10 2015

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Art block.



we live on a floating rock in a giant space that has no real end

and you want me to memorize vocabulary words

it’s posts like these that make me want to go outside and freak out sometimes.

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//refers to an anime as a “tv show” as not to expose myself as the piece of shit I am//

///refers to manga as “comic”//

//refers to fanfic as “a book”//

//refers to tumblr as “website i was on”//

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no i am well aware of this train wreck

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Craig Tucker


reblog if you agree

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sasaki haise w/ 29 \o/ THANKS FOR SHOOTING ME A PROMPT

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I’m so thirsty for kurodai…where would we be without Biker/Mechanic AUs..

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I just could not get over how radiant and warm this yellow, so of course I had to stop running to take pictures.

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new moleskine coming along well! sorry for the meh quality

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Miharu & Yoite
Nabari no Ou CH.46 VOL.9
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“Its morning.”

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He wants to laugh at the irony, he really does, as he lets Potter brand his arm and override the dark mark with a new one.


(hey i managed to finish this just in time for valentine!) i’ve been listening to some harry/draco audiofics and was inspired to paint a little something as thanks to the hp fandom, since i can’t actually write and all. Thank you guys for your work!


im such a fucking jealous asshole i pretend like i dont care but i care so much im gonna explode

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